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Unfortunately, there really isn't an easy answer to this one.  I wish there was.  

But everyone really is different.

According to the government agency that carries out all of our UK driving tests (the DVSA), the 'average' learner will take 47 hours of professional driving lessons plus another 20 hours of private practice with parents/friends.

These figures are based upon factual data collected from nearly 2 million driving tests per year.  Yet, many learners think that the DVSA must be wrong.  They just cant believe those figures.  Somehow, they will pass in just a couple of hours.  My mate down the pub passed his driving test first time with zero faults, with one eye closed and one hand tied behind his back, after just 2 hours of driving and he had never even seen a car before.  Err, no he didn't. He's fibbing.

We don't usually want to believe the real figures because:

(a) we all want to get our full licence as quickly as possible and

(b) if it really is 47 hours, then its going to cost quite a bit of money.

All I can say is that I will never ask you to have more lessons than I think you actually need.

On the other hand, I won't let you go for a driving test in my car until I think you are safe to do so.

My overall 'average' to date for complete beginners is nearer to 40 hours.

That is 25% less hours than the overall national average as stated by the DVSA.

Some learners will take less than average and others will take more.

I know that I've said it already but everyone really really is different.

Driving in a friend or parent's car [i.e. private practice] in addition to your driving lessons can often make a really big difference, so I recommend doing this where possible.

Are you a really fast learner? 

Did you always get 'outstanding' on your school reports?  See table below.

Age also makes a big difference to the National figures too.  See table below.

Driving instructors and examiners will tell you that most people fail their tests because they simply haven’t had enough lessons or practice. It is false economy to skimp on lessons and practice and then go in and fail, you will simply end up paying again for additional lessons and test fees.